Door Controllers

The door controller is the electronics and software which is responsible for granting or denying access through a group of doors local to it. 

Controllers hold a copy of the access control database with the list of valid users, so can operate independently of the central access control PC, though the controller will not be kept up to date with amendments.

Controllers generally control one to four doors.  In larger systems controller cards can be housed in racks greatly expanding capacity.  The trade-offs concern the amount of cabling and the cost of its installation from the doors to the controllers versus the cost of the controllers.  Another consideration is that loss of a controller means loss of access control for all of its doors, so the more doors per controller the greater the risk.

Controllers are now usually connected directly to the LAN.  Older systems used dedicated cabling between the controllers to a control PC.

The controller will manage the detail of the door operation, including request-to-exit, door forced/held open alarms, card reads and lock control.

Leigh Visual are able to offer a range of solutions from simple single door solutions to complex integrated multi site installations. With the full range of manufactures available to us we are able to design systems to precise specifications