Locking Mechanisms

When designing an access control system it's easy to overlook door locking when looking at the latest software, but door locking can have a major impact on the reliability, security, aesthetics and ease of use of an access control system.

The first aspect of locking to consider is the construction of the wall, frame and door panel.  If an intruder can knock there way through the surrounding partition wall, or if the frame or door are weak, there is little point in fixing a heavy duty locking system to the door. 

There are a wide range of door types to consider as well, namely single or double leaf, inward/outward/dual opening, stable doors and sliding doors.  The construction of the doors and frames can be glass, wood or metal.  With wood in particular consideration has to be given to door components changing alignment over time, particularly with doors bowing.

Methods for locking doors include magnetic locks, door releases and shoot bolts.  These all come in a wide variety of forms.  Knowing what to fit to which door in order to meet the security objectives requires knowledge and experience.

Leigh Visual are able to offer a range of solutions from simple single door solutions to complex integrated multi site installations. With the full range of manufactures available to us we are able to design systems to precise specifications