IP CCTV systems enable the connection of cameras and recording devices anywhere on
a company's computer network.

IP cameras and recorders simply plug into the nearest IP point, speeding up installation and removing the need for separate cabling to be installed to carry the video signals. The video data is carried over the company's existing network along with other traffic such as emails and documents.



Other benefits of IP CCTV are -

Uses standard IT hardware – By utilising standard 'common off the shelf' (COTS) IT hardware and infrastructure in the form of PCs, servers and the company network, the CCTV system no longer requires specialist hardware.

Access video from anywhere – Cameras can be viewed anywhere in the world from any authorised computer, laptop or wireless PDA phone with an internet connection.

Picture Quality – IP cameras can provide much greater resolution than traditional analogue cameras. The higher resolution cameras are known as megapixel cameras.

Increased Intelligence – Cameras and the central servers can use software such as video analytics and forensic search to identify incidents of interest automatically.

Scalable – Easily add one camera at a time. Traditionally the security industry has operated with 16 channel recorders.

Leigh Visual are able to offer a range of solutions from simple single door solutions to complex integrated multi site installations. With the full range of manufactures available to us we are able to design systems to precise specifications