Encoders and Decoders

Encoders will take an analogue video signal from a coax cable and convert
it to digital format.

The units have a coax socket for input and a network socket for the output signal. The coax comes from an existing analogue camera and the network connection is used to connect the unit to a LAN point.

There are a range of encoder specifications, with capabilities varying regarding frame rates and image sizes, as well as the use of different encoding algorithms (MPEG4, H.264).

The trade-off is normally between the cost of an encoder versus the cost of a new IP point and IP camera, also weighing up the added benefits of moving to IP from analogue.




Decoders take a digital signal via a network cable and covert it back to an analogue output signal for use with monitors.


Leigh Visual are able to offer a range of solutions from simple single door solutions to complex integrated multi site installations. With the full range of manufactures available to us we are able to design systems to precise specifications