Megapixel Cameras

The picture quality of a High Definition (HD) CCTV camera provides much greater resolution
than a traditional analogue camera.

Full HD CCTV cameras are a type of IP camera and therefore can connect into an existing computer network.

There are many IP cameras available with a resolution much higher than HD. There can be issues with the larger megapixel cameras, including reduced frame rates, poor low light performance and high bandwidth requirements.

Benefits of megapixel cameras include -

Depth of detail – With Full HD recordings, retrospectively zooming in on an image during playback can still provide evidential quality images. This has not been possible with analogue systems as the pixel density has been too low.

Increased field of View - Increased picture resolution means a wider field of view can be captured from one camera for a given level of resolution so potentially fewer cameras can be used to cover the same area when compared to an analogue camera.

In-Camera Recording – Most IP and HDIP cameras come with a memory card slot for local recording. This means that recordings can be saved locally onto the memory card as well as on the main storage server. This creates an element of redundancy if the main storage server fails.


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