Paxton Access is a leading, UK based, manufacturer of electronic access control systems. Paxton was established in 1985, and is located in Brighton.

Paxton Access specialize in access control solutions and they manufacture Net2, an advanced PC based access control solution. With Net2 the software allows a system administrator to control access on hundreds of doors for up to 10,000 users in a logical and intuitive way.


Net2 is one of the most economical access control systems on the market. There are no hidden costs such as per seat licences; the software may be loaded on all the PC’s in a building if required. The standard version of the Net2 software includes all the features most organisations will need and is free.




Leigh Visual are able to offer a range of solutions from simple single door solutions to complex integrated multi site installations. With the full range of manufactures available to us we are able to design systems to precise specifications